Country Hotels, embracing the Female Leaders within the Hotel Industry!

Driving our Female Leadership in the company, we have the pleasure to welcome newly appointed Phume Khethang as Country Hotels Senior Sales Executive. Her philosophy to success is the need to build up a profound networking platform with partners, clients, and friends for hospitality and her determination to succeed have always been her motto. Saying yes to opportunities and not allowing fear to get in the way of opportunity, is what motivates her to grow.

With 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry specializing in the Public Sector, Corporate, TMC & PCO, what can the hotel industry expect from Phume Khethang, in assisting to drive Women in Leadership?

“Women are well represented in Marketing and Sales in the hotel industry and I am glad to see that this trend is carrying on into other departments. In my opinion, our industry is very well suited for a career path for women and I am glad to be part of the growth.”

I feel the hospitality industry is on the right path to acknowledging Women in Leadership and taking their growth in the industry more seriously. We as female leaders in the industry need to continue to nurture and foster strong leadership roles for women. This is especially important for the next generation of leaders to come. Placing women in high-level leadership positions needs to become more than a standard, but rather the new norm. As we continue to pave the path for women in leadership, it will become easier for future women leaders to follow.”

We are honored to have such an inspiring female leader, who just for interest is also a TV Star, lead our Sales team and take Country Hotels to the next level, We wish Phume Khethang all the best within Country Hotels.